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Three months before turning age 65, one can sign up for Medicare and up to three months after the birthdate. One is never alone if he feels frustrated trying to figure out Medicare with its specifications. Seniors sometimes get confused about the different aspects of Medicare, but keeping it simple is how one can better understand it.

So, the first part of Medicare is called part A. It covers any hospital stay and carries a deductible of $1408 that resets after one is out of the hospital for 60 days. This part provides full coverage for 60 days; then it raises to $352 for every day; after 90 days, one must pay $704 per day, and after 150 days, the patient is responsible for the entire debt.

With that in mind, the second part of Medicare is called Part B, and the yearly deductible is $198. After this sum is met, one must pay 20%, and Part B covers 80%. Part A and Part B are called the “original Medicare.” Everyone must pay a premium for this level of benefits.

Further, there are Medigap and Advantage plans on the site if one wants to cover the gaps. This one can get via individual carriers, and the government will designate the cost.

For example, if the income is below $87,000, the monthly payment will be $144.60 for the insurance premium. If the income is higher than this, the monthly allocation will be individualized by the income. A chart can be found at Medicare.

Also, Part B takes care of Hospice, doctors for their hospital services, x-rays, out-patient visits, nursing attention, bloodwork, or easy optional operations. It also covers medical equipment costs.

Next, the government commands that everyone has insurance for any prescription drugs. With Medicare, the drug coverage is called part D, and a way to remember this part is D for drugs. Granted, one can buy a prescription drug plan via private insurance, but only if he has met the government’s required amount of health insurance.

Finally, enrollment is automatic if one is already getting social security benefits; otherwise, one can go to the website and sign up. Libraries provide free computer access.