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It happens; you decide to fill out your taxes by yourself one year before finding out that you made a mistake after you’ve already sent in your taxes. This might seem like it will become a big issue for you, but luckily you have a couple of ways to fix your taxes even after you’ve sent them in. Take these next steps you fix your taxes after you’ve already sent them in. 

Automatic Fixes

 After you’ve sent your tax information to the IRS, they will scan it to find any mistakes that you may have made. The IRS can do this as they already have any information on-hand about any money you have made in the past year. From there, they will send a letter back describing the mistakes you have made.

 With the letter, you should be given an easy way to fix your taxes. This could mean giving more money back to the IRS if you didn’t pay your fair amount or getting a check from the IRS because of any money you are owed. Either way, there’s a good chance that the IRS will fix any tax issues you might be running into. 

Amended Return

 Sometimes, a mistake will slip through the IRS system that should have been caught, this might seem like future trouble for you, but you still have a way to fix it. What you’ll want to do is fill out an amended return.

 Am amended return is a form that lets you change any amounts that you previously have reported, so they are correct. From there, you have to send it in along with any money if you owe anything to the IRS. Those who should receive a refund from the IRS should get another check or direct deposit once the IRS has gone through an amended return. Ensure that you fill out an amended return if the IRS didn’t automatically catch your mistakes.


 Going through fixing your taxes will seem exhausting and worrying for those who have never dealt with it before. However, this information should get you through the process without having any trouble. It would be best if you remembered that the IRS would instead get the money they owe from you rather than deal with the legal system.